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Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Field with Advanced Devices

APT Medical is at the forefront of cardiovascular products, continuously innovating and setting new standards in coronary catheters. The company’s dedication to improving patient outcomes and procedure efficiency is evident in its impressive portfolio of devices.

Unleashing Innovation: APT Medical’s Impressive Portfolio

APT Medical’s March™ Guiding Catheter is an evidence to the company’s innovative spirit. This coronary catheter, with its braided structure and polymer material, provides greater torqueability and backup support.

Further illustrating APT Medical’s commitment to innovation is the Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter. This cardiovascular device, featuring a stainless steel braided structure and a 35cm rapid exchange segment, provides unparalleled support and smooth delivery for complex PCI procedures. Its unique design enhances safety, reduces resistance during delivery, and facilitates stent delivery across long lesions.

The advancements don’t stop there. APT Medical’s CONQUEROR™ Lollipop NC PTCA Balloon Catheter is another groundbreaking product in the company’s line of coronary catheters. With a unique spherical tip design, it can glide through even the most tortuous vessels, greatly improving the success rate of navigating stent-covered arteries in complex procedures.


The future of cardiovascular procedures is promising, thanks to APT Medical’s continuous development and innovation in coronary catheters. Each cardiovascular device in APT Medical’s portfolio is meticulously designed to provide safer and more efficient solutions for healthcare professionals. As the company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cardiovascular treatment, patients and healthcare providers alike can look forward to more breakthroughs in the field.

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