Qiaowang: A Leading Name Among Bagasse Packaging Manufacturers

Bagasse, a fibrous residue obtained from sugarcane, has emerged as a sustainable alternative for packaging solutions, reducing the reliance on non-renewable materials. Among the key players in this industry, Qiaowang has established themselves as a leading name among bagasse packaging manufacturers. With a strong focus on sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction, Qiaowang has garnered recognition both at home and abroad.

Quality Products Approved by Customers

Qiaowang’s commitment to delivering high-quality bagasse packaging products has earned customers’ trust and approval over the years. Their offerings have stood the test of time and have become a preferred choice for various establishments, including national food chains, restaurants, caterers, food distributors, and grocery stores. The enduring customer satisfaction further solidifies Qiaowang’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer.

Strong Supply Chain and Location Advantage

Situated in the heart of the biggest sugar cane plantation province, Qiaowang bagasse packaging manufacturer enjoys a strategic advantage. Their proximity to the source ensures a robust supply chain, as they acquire sufficient fiber from their mother company for internal group use. Moreover, their ability to deliver products to Shenzhen Port within a remarkable three-day timeframe highlights their efficiency and logistics prowess.

Environmental Protection Philosophy

Qiaowang’s commitment to environmental protection goes beyond offering sustainable packaging solutions. By utilizing bagasse, they minimize environmental impact while delivering impressive product performance. Their emphasis on living a green and sustainable lifestyle reflects their dedication to the common green mission shared by humans worldwide. Choosing Qiaowang means aligning with a brand that actively contributes to the preservation of the planet.

Quick Responsiveness and Customized Services

Qiaowang sets itself apart by providing exceptional customer service. Their team is highly responsive and ensures quick turnaround times for inquiries, demonstrating their commitment to client satisfaction. Additionally, Qiaowang offers customized services, including OEM/ODM options and a comprehensive one-stop service flow. From design to production evaluation, test production, and mass goods production, they cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience.


In the realm of bagasse packaging manufacturers, Qiaowang stands as a beacon of quality, sustainability, and customer-centricity. With two decades of experience, a robust supply chain, a location advantage, and a strong commitment to environmental protection, Qiaowang continues to make significant strides in the industry. By choosing Qiaowang, customers gain access to top-notch bagasse packaging solutions while actively contributing to the global mission of a greener future.

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