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Enhance Efficiency and Control with Pharmapack’s PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine

In the realm of manufacturing, efficiency, precision, and control are paramount. Pharmapack‘s PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine is a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize filling processes in various industries. Let’s delve into the features of this advanced filling machinery and discover how it can revolutionize your production line.

Unmatched Control with Touch Screen PLC Technology

The PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine from Pharmapack features a user-friendly touch screen PLC control system. This advanced technology offers seamless control and monitoring of the filling process. With its intuitive interface, operators can easily navigate through parameters and settings, ensuring efficient and precise operations. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and embrace the control and convenience provided by Pharmapack’s filling machinery.

Premium Quality Construction for Optimal Performance

Pharmapack emphasizes product quality and reliability. The PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine boasts a construction that prioritizes durability and hygiene. The components in contact with the material are constructed from 304 stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Furthermore, renowned brands are chosen for the motor, cylinder, electrical fittings, and pneumatic components, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and minimizing downtime.

Enhanced Precision and Stability with Advanced Control Core

The PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine integrates a powerful control core consisting of a PLC and touch screen. This combination maximizes control precision and stability, ensuring consistent and accurate filling operations. Pharmapack’s filling machinery is engineered to meet the highest standards of control, allowing you to maintain product integrity and minimize wastage. Experience peace of mind knowing that your production line is equipped with a reliable and stable filling solution.


Pharmapack’s PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine is a game-changer in the realm of filling machinery. With its touch screen PLC control system, premium quality construction, and advanced control core, this machine offers streamlined operations, enhanced precision, and optimal control. Upgrade your production line with Pharmapack’s filling machinery and experience improved efficiency, reliability, and product quality. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence – choose Pharmapack’s PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine and take your filling processes to new heights of success.

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