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Accessible In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions with Sansure Biotech’s Iponatic 3

Sansure Biotech is dedicated to providing accessible and innovative genetic technologies, products, and services to people worldwide. A prime example of this commitment is the Iponatic 3, a portable molecular workstation that brings in vitro diagnostic solutions closer to healthcare professionals and patients, regardless of their location.

Breaking Barriers:

The Iponatic 3 combines convenience and cutting-edge technology to make in vitro diagnostic solutions more accessible than ever before. Its all-in-one design integrates nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification, result interpretation, and report printing into a single device. This streamlined workflow allows healthcare professionals to perform tests with ease, eliminating the need for multiple instruments and reducing the complexity of diagnostic processes.

Global Reach:

Sansure Biotech’s dedication to accessible in vitro diagnostic solutions extends beyond China. With subsidiaries in various countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the company ensures that its products and solutions reach more than 160 countries and regions worldwide. By adhering to internationally recognized certifications, such as NMPA, CE, MHRA, SFDA, ANVISA, and TGA, Sansure Biotech establishes trust and credibility in the global market.

Empowering Healthcare Providers:

The Iponatic 3’s versatility empowers healthcare providers in different fields. It finds applications in infectious disease prevention and control, cancer prevention and control, maternal and child health, blood screening, and more. Sansure Biotech’s comprehensive approach, integrating reagents, instruments, sequencing services, third-party medical testing services, and co-construction of molecular laboratories, ensures that healthcare providers have access to a complete in vitro diagnostic solution tailored to their specific needs.


Sansure Biotech’s Iponatic 3 portable molecular workstation is a testament to the company’s commitment to accessible genetic technologies and in vitro diagnostic solutions. By breaking down barriers and reaching healthcare providers worldwide, Sansure Biotech is democratizing molecular diagnostics. The Iponatic 3’s convenience and versatility enable healthcare professionals to deliver accurate and timely diagnoses, ultimately improving patient care on a global scale.

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